2003-02-02, 8:26 p.m.,

So the long working weekend slowly comes to a halt as I only have tomorrow night before a full day off. I was in such a grumpy mood today at work because i was tired and working with my bosses girlfriend who does absolutely nothing other than sit on her ass, eat cake (literally) and talk on the phone, meanwhile the entire cafe was sooo crowded with 2 people running the show. But then I come home and my darling wife knows exactly what to do to make me smile. *sigh* I'm a lucky lucky girl. Nothing really exciting to say, it's just I haven't posted in a few days and was begining to feel guilty about it. Back to writing the book...my mother went to this "psychic" with a small group of people and he told her i was writing a book and that it was a very personal story and he felt good things about it. Kinda freaky since i didnt mention to my mother I was writing one at all, but yeah.....He told her a bunch of other things about me and Maxie, but I'm not really up for sharing now, maybe another day. BUT...he did say I had the visa in the bag, no worries mate.

Yay for me!!!

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