2003-02-06, 9:48 a.m.,

Yesterday was a lovely surprise. Despite the fact I woke up and while walking into the bathroom, misjudged the width of the door frame and somehow scraped my shoulder into it (ouch) it ended up being a good day. Maxie only had a few clients to visit so I went with her then we went shopping for a new kitchen cabinet. yay! Now we have so much room in there, it's really lovely. I love buying things for the house, just slowly makes it feel more like home. We came home and just our luck her father and brother were here and assembled the whole thing for us *whew* probably would have taken me forever.

Then we vegged a little bit and went out for drinks. The girl I work with was there with her flatmates and her girlfriend who she's been talking to me about, but i've never met, YIKES!

She told me she was a martial arts instructor, but man, scary....I'm so glad my girl is wel....a girl. And soft and feminine and lovely.

Back to work tonight, Yuck!

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