2003-02-07, 9:42 a.m.,

I work with this girl at the cafe, also named gwen (perhaps I've mentioned her in here before.) She's another yankee from San Fransico and a lezzie. It's the big joke around work, 2 gwens, the only americans, the only lesbians. And we're friends. She funny as hell. Yesterday my bosses girlfriend asks us if the gay population in the US is as big as it is in Australia. (Not exactly sure what she meant considering the population of the US is like 8 times Oz's anyway, so at the "gay rate" of 10 percent, yeah, there should be way more. But me being a smart ass told her "yeah, they breed us in American and name us all gwen so we can recognize each other."

It took her awhile to realize it was a joke.

The Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras kicks off tonight, which means there's like a million cool events going on in the next month, so we'll be broke and very busy. The film festival, all these shows and literary events, parties. I swear it should last longer to give people time to do things. And now there's a huge rumour ciculating that Ani is playing at the 25th anniversary party. *Sigh* so much to do.....

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