2003-02-07, 3:55 p.m.,

Thought I'd give everyone a second dose of my diary today, just can't stop writing.

So I was at the shopping center today and there was a hug eopster advertising these markers for kids, scented, and apparently they do something that no marker has ever done to deserve a giant poster outside Target. Anyway, it got me thinking about something I could never figure out and maybe someone out there can explain it to me?

Don't scented markers encorage children to sniff them? Isn't marker sniffing dangerous, something like keeping oxygen from brain cells, like huffing paint and all that? I just imagine all these children sitting, legs crossed on the floor with a pile of markers sniffing away. And while I imagine that the "sniffable" ones don't contain whatever chemical is dangerous to sniff, how would kids really learn to tell the different.

"no, little mary, only sniff these markers, those one will kill you."

it really makes no sense. Anyone want to explian it to me???

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