2003-02-18, 9:38 a.m.,

Ani show last night and I have to say that I would have been way more satisfied had it just been The Waifs opening up for her. The waifs were brilliant and Ani, well, was Ani. About 4 songs into her set I remembered with much sadness that this was NOT an ani show and that she's mearly opening for Robetty Bob Dylan. Which was second only to my sadness that when we showed up we were looking forward to getting her "The Media Isn't Fooling Me" shirt, only to find that 90% of all the merchandise for sale there had "Bob Dylan Forever" written on it. A bit much for me to take. No shirt, nothing really all that good at all.

Out of respect for Bob we tried to stay as long as we could for his show and had to run out nearly screaming after 3 songs. Don't get me wrong, I love bob dylan, love the guy. But what I love is the talent he had 30 years ago, not the incoherent mumbling and back up band that sounds like the local pub's Honkey Tonk Hour Showcase. They wore leisure suits and played opening music that resembled something between Elvis and Superman. It's all gotten out of hand.

So we left and began walking back to our car. Once outside we found the rest of the show that had only come to see Ani all standing next to a wroght iron fence next to the parking garage. Yes, the stage door, where outside miss ani d herself sat, drinking red wine and chatting with the waifs. Apparently she came over briefly and chatted with the small crowd of adoring fans before sitting back down to continue her conversation. Here's where we showed up. More fans would show, each calling out to her, telling her "great show" and "we love you." Typical fan crap. Then suddenly in an evil plot to get her to come back a group of dykey girls all think it's a brilliant idea to begin singing her songs aloud back to her in an effort to impress her and make her come back. Maxine and I stood in absolute shame and horror for these girls as they sang songs like "Untouchable Face" and "gravel."

I told maxine to imagine if she were to have just published a novel and someone walks up to you on the street and goes "oh my god, you're the lady that wrote that novel" after that they proceed to quote you your novel in an attemt to impress you. It'd freak you out and you'd probably head for the nearest escape. She agreed. These fans had lost the plot entirely. Ani did what any normal person would do (and i think many people forget that she is a normal person) and stood up, waived politely to the crowd and went back inside rather than subject herself to any further musical mutilation of her life's work. Who could blame her?

Double Shift today at work...be home in 12 hours.

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