2003-02-20, 10:43 a.m.,

So we're going away to Merimbula this weekend to see Francis, yay! It'll be so nice to have an entire weekend off and be able to spend it with my friends and my love.

I was just reading my girl's diray and thinking to myself that when I first met her I had absolutely no idea how politcal she was. I mean i knew she had her views and was passionate about them and was politically informed, but not to the extent I've seen in her lately. I love that about her, I love discovering things about her, nearly two years after first getting to know her, and finding there are still so many things to discover about us and enjoy.

She stresses so easily, i worry about that. (I worry about you, love!) Her job gets her so worked up and stressed out that she gets all frazzled and tangled up with the little things like remembering to take the rent payment to the bank. I can't wait until this visa thing is out of the way and she can get rid of this job and go beck to school for what she loves.

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