2003-03-03, 10:31 a.m.,

4 days since I've posted last? 4 days? It's been one of those non-stop weekends, but honestly I think it was mostly filled with work, as I sit here going "uh...what do I have to write about?"

We went to the library this weekend and were talking about what a resource libraries all, so many books, movies, cds, everything, free. And when you say "I'm going to tthe library, you get a look like, "Where?" So here's a plug for your local library, go there, they are amazing things. So yes, after seeing the hours last week, I went to the library and scarfed up a bunch of Virginia Woolf literature. I'd read a substantial amount of her published diaries years ago at universtiy and many of her short stories, so back I go again, (To the Lighthouse)

Saturday was the Mardi Gras Parade, and of course I worked but at 11 p.m. we ventured into the city (even though the parade was over, the people and parties were still there, alive and well.) We went to BumpHer bar and had a few drinks, watched some seriously E'd up Dykey girl go topless and stand up on the furniture dancing, ultimately with the wall.... that's entertainment folks. It was unreal how absolutely cut off to the rest of the world she was, the entire place was shoulder to shoulder people and could have very easily combusted into flames and the girl never would've known the difference. She would have just kept dancing, sliding her fingertips over the painted walls, shouting song lyrics.

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