2003-03-10, 9:46 a.m.,

It's amazing that absolutely no one has been updating their diaries. But I haven't either, so... I actually kept meaning to put things in here but I haven't. So I'll just give a short list instead.

*Maxie and I had a fantastic weekend, which ended yesterday when we spent the entire day wandering the city because I finally had a sunday off.

*My hair has been dyed Fire Engine Red again (or nearly that) but I really like it.

*I had a really freaking dream where I was in a horror movie and for some reason I was the only person able to figure out what was happening so I kept mesing up the movie by telling people who was going to be killed next and how it would happen(some listened, others ended up dead, but I told them so.)

*I'm feeling a bit guilty for being so far away when my nephew's first birthday is in two weeks.

and lastly, Abby's birthday came and went on the 3rd and I hadn't remembered it until the next day when Maxie asked me when it was. I guess that's a good sign, the first time now in 3 years that I didn't get a little sad about it.

Now I've got a million of errands to run today so off I go....

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