2003-03-11, 10:05 a.m.,

This week has started out quite hectic, mostly because I'm working and my darlking wife has been working, plus she's got her class and travelling about for work, not to mention we're doing this dinner party thing on friday (that I'm actually quite excited about cooking for) Oh, and have I failed to mention that we also have started putting together my Visa application.

I began downloading the forms yesterday, began. Because, no exaggeration, there's about 15 forms that need to be filled out, and each form is basically 8-15 pages long. This doesnt include the 6 statutory declarations from friends and family, plus the photocopies of birth certificates, passports, results from my medical exam, and police clearance, FBI clearance, etc...

I feel like I'm assembling my graduation thesis.

And sometime today I really want to find our webcam and snap a lil pic of my new "run lola run" hair my wife did such a good job of dying for me.

Now off I go to download more forms from the Immigration website...

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