2003-03-14, 9:53 a.m.,

I have so much to do today, I really wanted to get the house in shape for our little dinner party tonight.

We were watching this film that a friend of maxie's put together, a short film, which is really well done. There's a scene in it where the guy talks about Alektorophobia, the fear of chickens. Strange thing is the film scene made out like its the rarest thing in the world, not so, I have it, badly.

When I was a child, my great grandmother lived on a farm where she had chickens, probably a hundred of them and each time I would go into the backyard (as they were free-range and ran all over) the things would attack me, peck at me and chase me away rom their nests, mostly the rooster, which apparently is a common thing for them to do. But I'm terrified of them today, not because i think so much that they'll atck me, but they are just filthy foul creatures and remind me of vultures where each time i think of them, I just visualize them pecking apart a carcass (usually a human one.) Its twisted and makes no sense, but its a phobia and its not supposed it.

Anyway, I had nothing terribly exciting to write about and I know I've referenced me phobia before, so I thought I'd explain it.

Oh yes, and Indian food gives you messed up dreams as badly as pizza, I swear. Maxie and I had Indian before bed last ngiht and we both had some wicked nightmares. So beware of the Indian food, my friends.

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