2003-03-21, 3:00 p.m.,

so little georgie is finishing daddies war....must be exciting for him, meanwhile I'm wondering if my cousin has been sent of to the middle east somewhere, he hasn't responded to my email so I'm guessing that means he isn't stationed in germany amymore, or perhaps, maybe because there's a war on, he has better things to do than respond to my email.

I've begun having horrible nightmares that involve the visa now. A few nights ago I dreamt that we were denied the visa because I checked the wrong box on a form (have I mentioned that there literally about a hundred pages of "forms" to fill out?) Those of you that know me and know my love of hyperbole, know I may say this in jest, but seriously, there's a hundred pages to fill out if not more. So maxine was really upset with me and telling me that I ruined it for both of us because I was careless in overlooking a detail.

Meanwhile Panadol (the aussie equivelent to Tylenol) has introduced these new "rapid relief" tablets. basically they work much faster than regular panadol. And I wonder, if this is such new technology, why not make all pain reliever work this fast? Don't you think they would. I mean, why buy the old stuff now if you can buy something that works faster? So this morning I wake up with a killer shoulder ache and I stand in the bathroom looking in the medicine cabinet at both packages of the new "rapid relief" and the regular stuff wondering to myself "How bad is it? can I hold out with the aches and pain for what, maybe 10 minutes longer and save the rapid relief for when I REALLY have a headache? Who needs this stress? (I took the regular ones by the way and sucked it up an extra 10 minutes.) which I actually never really noticed a difference anyway.

Also, how can something be "New and Improved"? If it's new it never existed to begin with, so how can you improve on something new? I never got that....

This is me saying tsk tsk at little georgie w. (bad georgie, bad!)

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