2003-03-25, 10:31 a.m.,

It's starting to cool off here, summer's just starting to let go. I wake up during the night to go to the bathroom and it's getting cold in our house, that kind of cool where you just want to hurry back to bed to cuddle up with a blanket warmed body.

We were at the Immigration task force office for hours last night, but now that we've had a counselour review our binder of material we both feel so much better. More confident that things will be just lovely.

My cousin is safely in Germany, which gives me a bit of comfort with this war thing going on.....

And, perhaps the best thing of all is that we're going away this weekend, just for one night, but I can't wait to have our "overnight date." It'll be so amazing to get a break from all the visa organizing for just a little bit and treat ourselves.

*Yawn* I slept so well last night, despite the fact I saw the largest spider ever in my entire life. No lie, the things (including all of its spindly legs) was the siz of my fist. Gotta love Aussie wildlife....

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