2003-04-08, 10:21 a.m.,

I'm a bit disgruntled over a few things, lemme share:

About two weeks ago, we paid a small fortune to have all my medical exam stuff done. Roughly close to about 300 dollars. I'm sure you all remember my panic over the bloodwork thing. Anyway, the results of the entire ordeal are delivered to me in a sealed envelope stamped "Do Not Open" all over the thing. I'm suppossed to send the result directly to immigration with my mamouth application without opening or tampering with them, otherwise I must go through the whole thing (at my expense) over again. So the results come and I'm dying of curiousity as to what they say. I say this because when I was in the exam the woman saw my tattoos and had a hay day asking me a million and five questions about them like where were they done? How long ago? Where they done in a proper place? Did I get sick after getting them? Was the place sterile? All the while she's frantically writing and I'm thinking to myself "surely people who have immigrarted to Oz have come with a tattoo somewhere. And quite frankly had the tattoo been on my ass she would have never seen it anyway and wouldn't have freaked out. But because they are on my back and in view when a doctor listens to my breathing and heart rate, I'm immediatly subject to question."

So I wanna read what little old lady doctor wrote about me and my tattoos along with everything else. I should be able to read it, I paid for the test and they are MY personal medical records, right? Right? Well according to the Aussie government I have bought them a big fat secret. Because never ever ever am I allowed to see the papers. The only way I get a clue as to whats on them is if they find something that will deny me entry like HIV or Tuberculosis, and then they just tell me "sorry, we deny you, here's why..." I still get no view. I find this really wrong and I'm pissed off about it.

Secondly, yesterday I was walking down the street and there was a woman walking in front of me (a little on the scary, dirty, crazy side.) who would every so many feet, reach down and pick up something from the sidewalk and put it in a plastic bag she was carrying. It wasn't until she stopped in front of a building and I passed her before I realized what she was doing. She was picking through the ash tray looking for half smoked cigarettes and putting them in her bag. I immediately felt ill. Please someone tell this woman about Hepatitis, although I'm not sure she'll care. I once worked in a building where nearly everyday I'd watch this old guy come and do the very same thing, go through the ash trays outside and smoke the cigarettes in them right to the filter. Finally one day I couldnt handle it anymore and I took him out a pack of cigarettes. You would have thought I handed him a million dollars. I never saw him come back after that.After I came out of the post office I thought to myself "if she is still there I'll get her smokes too, just to save her the filth of what she's doing." she wasnt there when I came back. What an ad for ciggie smoking that would make......

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