2003-04-24, 10:28 a.m.,

Fianlly a full afternoon where I dont have to work. Oh course I have to work this evening, but I can't be too picky. Last night I went to bed barely able to keep my eyes open at 11:30 ish and fell asleep not waking until maxie left for work this morning. Its so rare I sleep like that.

On a weird note, Maxie and I sponsor a child through World Vision. Her name is Sarudzai, but we like to call her "Jill" around our place, it just makes it easier for conversation. Jill is 5, well, was 5. We got a call yesterday from world vision telling us our little girl had died. I'm sure this happens hundreds of times a day in underdeveloped nations, but it was kinda freaky to hear it over the phone. You get these photos of this happy faced African girl in her best dress, smiling widely and its just well, strange. We're told she was playing with a group of children, collapsed began having seizures and died at the "medical facility" set up by the missionaries there.

Here's my confession. Because I'm terribly suspicious of people's motives at first I thought to myself "I bet they call around and tell a bunch of people this trying to get you to send more money so they can improve the medical facilities or say "we'd like to give the family more money, could you help out?" But they didnt do that. In fact, she asked that we not send money to the family, saying that World Vision provides a bereavement for them.

Of course, now I feel a bit cold hearted for being so quick to assume.

So here's to the memory of Sarudzai "Jill" Musvosvi of Harare, Zimbabwe.

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