2003-04-30, 10:14 a.m.,

Just waiting for things to get back to normal lately. When I thought that all the visa paperwork and forms were in our past I have yet another task of putting together a case to grant me permission to work. So here I go again, filing out the forms, putting together the photocopies. And I need to do it soon because my cafe job is ending very very soon. (that however I'm not sad about, it's the money I'll miss) So for the sake of having cash again I need to get my ass in gear and get this stuff mailed out.

Got a birthday card from mom yesterday telling me all the events and little facts that happend the year I was born. She's so lovely, plus she sent me cash, yankee dollars which are worth more in OZ. (bless that woman)

Tomorrow, its 3 years since Abby died and I'm certain I'll get the annual email from her mother "just checking in on me" as if tomorrow is the only day I'd be having a hard time without her. Surely there's days other than the anniversary of her death that her mother thinking of her and misses her.

Seems that I've been so busy lately. I'm so anxious for me to get my job and get back into the swing of my life. No visa to apply for, no forms to fill out, no crappy weekend and evening job that takes time from my wife. Detours are necessary and sometimes preferred, but I'm seriously looking for the main highway here again folks...must be coming up shortly.

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