2003-05-01, 10:56 a.m.,

And the rain rain rain came down down down...

It's a rainy rainy rainy day here today folks, just as well as I'm suppossed to be sad and depressed and miserable today.

Last night my dear friend Kate decided that finally she had the time to take 10 minutes out of her demanding life schedule and talk to me. Finally she had time to tell me all about her boyfriend of 2 years that she broke up with. Then, immediately after telling me about it she had to get right back to work. Surely it'll be another 5 months before I hear from her again.

Yesterday in line at the grocery store I was reading this big poster hanging on the wall advertising why this particular grocery store is better than others and there's all these little icons down the one side. There's a picture of a video camera and next to it are the words "Safer Shopping." When has grocery shopping been dangerous? I mean be honest and say it, the cameras are there to catch thiefs. Everybody knows it. I've never been anxious in a supermarket and then saw the cameras and thought to myself "Whew, I'm safe here."

It's nauseating how everyone seems to be appealing to people's sense of security for everything. Like every company, business, organization and government can do as they like and chalk it all up to making the world safer for its citizens? Safe grocery shopping for everyone!

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