2003-05-05, 4:34 p.m.,

I'm a very lucky lucky girl.

For my birthday I discovered (as I'm sure many of you already knew) that my darling loving wife went to a great deal of trouble to take friday and monday off work and book a wonderful long weekend for us in a private cottage in the Blue Mountains. Furthermore, she got a co-worker of mine to work my shift on saurday so I'd have all weekend off and NO ONE at all let on about this for weeks as it was all being set up.

So we arrive at this privat elittle cottage complete with fireplace and spa bath and a fully stocked fridge. And we spent the weekend in the blue mountains. Also saturday was the Food and Wine festival, lots of fun, we wandered around for hours just sampling lots of wine and then on Sunday we went to Jenolan Caves and went on these tours of these underground caverns. We stayed sunday night as well, it was sooo quiet. So nice to hear nothing at night, nothing, no traffic buzzing by our window, just quiet.

I'm terribly spoiled.

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