2003-05-09, 10:36 a.m.,

Maxie and I used to share this theory that eating pizza before going to bed made you have insane dreams, like really vivid and often nightmare-ish dreams. I've put that theory to rest. Last night I had the worst night's sleep of my entire exisitence, well apart from sleeping in the LA airport after flying for 30 some odd hours.

Last night I was at work and on thursdays when Maxie has her spanish class neither of us get to eat dinner until i come home around 10:30-11p.m. What we end up doing, because everything in Oz closes at early is go to the one place that is open 24 hours McDonalds. Now I hate eating McDonalds, especially at 11pm, so I decided last night I was just going to bring home something from the cafe. Then my bosses mother in law brought it in, two huge trays of fresh from the oven Moussaka (which by the way Isnt spelled correctly.) We sold a tray and a half in 3 hours and the owner of the restaurant (a cute little greek man insisted I take some home for Maxie and I) Yummy yummy yummy, then I tried to go to sleep......

I had the longest string of nightmares, freakyness and fussy "I can't get comfy in bed". The creepiest dream was the one where maxie and I were in bed and we heared someone talking outside int he living room, for some reason our bedroom door was open and we were lying there wondering where the voice was coming from, then the light in the room flicked on and then quickly off and just as I was getting out of bed to see what it was this weird ghost like person runs into our room so fast and stands on our bed, just looking down at us before vanishing. I swear our place is haunted.....

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