2003-05-14, 11:44 p.m.,

Back in Sydney.

Had a great time in Melly and it was so nice to see Thae and Francis again....but I have to admit it's nice to be home, back in rainy Sydney.

Couldn't take my book with me ao I ended up writing out by hand so much of what I want to add to my book.

I have a specific friend overseas for soem reason I'm missing more than i typically would think of missing her (that isnt meant to sound mean, its just I guess I talk to her enough that I just dont get that "i miss you thing" ) but yeah, she's got some stuff going on and also I think its because I just dont have anyone here in Oz who's really into the same things I am. I just dont have that friend that calls me up and says "coem with me to take photos today" and as a result I think i'm really withdrawing frotm eh who social scene. I said to maxie today at the airport that I dotn know what it is, but I've never ever been like this, where I just feel like I can't be bothered to meet new people.

Poor pathetic, no friend me--boo-hoo.

I need to give myself a swift lick in the ass get my papwerwork in to file for my tax # so I can get back to doing the career thing and get my life back....

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