2003-05-28, 10:42 a.m.,

I had some really violent and freaky dreams last night, of course it could be because I watched a film about serial killers before bedtime.

And I'm wondering who could be trying to contact me, some guy called here last night asking for me, very professionl, but of course I spazzed and said I wasn't home. Why? I don't know, I do that sometimes when I don't feel like talking to anyone, and I think I suspected he was a telemarketer. Now that I think about it though, he could have been American, he sounded that way and I think it could be one of those creepy student loan people tracking me down wondering why I haven't paid on my student loan in nearly 2 years. Yes, folks, I'm one of the like 3 percent of people who didn't pay back their student loan, Boo hiss....I know. BUt I'm not living in the US (therefore I won't need to have an unblemished credit rating because I'm not buying a car or getting a credit card in the US)and what are they going to do? Tell me they are going to garnish my tax refund? I dont work in the US so not likely. Besides, the way I figure it, the government won't be returning my social security in like 40 years because it wont exist by then and our government doesnt provide healthcare so I figure they can do without my money, it won't break them. It'll probably just go towards Georgie W.'s re-election campaign anyway and I won't help him steal another election. AND AND AND...if you join the military or become a teacher your debts are forgiven? Why because they need help terrorizing other countries? Well you know what? I've spent months volunteering on MNative American Reservations fixing what our government fucked up and years volunteering to work with disabled children because our government doesnt give enough money to school to help them or their families either. So just because I'm not in a camoflauge suit yelling "yes sir, no sir" I'm not worthy of having my debts forgiven for my "community and national service?" Fuck that...So kiss my ass student loan people.

hahaha, truthfully, I just dont want to pay it back, especialy in aussie dollars which would take me forever to pay back. Although I still stand behind all my previous arguments. I just dont want to and they can't make me.

So go on then, think less of me......

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