2003-05-30, 10:05 a.m.,

This morning just has a weird vibe about it...I can't explain it, but it's going to be one of those weird days, I just feel it.

Last night, because I was feeling a bit down and blah I found myself nearly finishing a bottle of wine and entertaining my wife I'm sure with my utter uselessness.

I had this dream that I lived with Jeanette (weird when I've never met her and have nothing really to base it on)and Maxine and one other girl who I cant remember. Jeanette and I were outside and for some reason we were finding all these gold coins all over the ground. Also, from the back of our apartment she showed me that we could walk up into this hallway into another building and spy on people in the other building. She showed me this girl who looked just like Abby. So we were watching her for the longest time and she acted like her and did everything just like her, but I could tell by looking at her that it wasnt her, not because she didnt look like her, but it was just something about her I couldnt identify.She had all these bottles of medications lined up on the table and letters to herself posted about how to take them.

Then we left and found this other woman who looked like Gary Oldman did in Dracula, with the receeding hairline and white transparent skin. She had long orange hair in tiny braids and she freaked us out because we thought she knew we were there so we ran away.

Then outside I had maxine with me and ran into an ex of mine and she was being a bitch and asking me about maxine and she was wearing this really long silk skirt that was so beautiful I couldnt stop touching it. It was pissing her off because she wanted to ask me about Maxine.

Now I'm awake and our house is cold and my lower back aches. And something's going to happen today....

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