2003-06-05, 11:46 a.m.,

Guess I've had so much going on lately I've felt the need to post in here every day.

I didnt take the job from yesterday. After having a long chat with my lovely wife, I Realized that it really wasn't what I wanted to do and I was simply jumping on the first thing that came along because any job is better than no job.

And I also realized how fortunate I am to have Maxie. I mean I always knew I was fortunate, but yesterday during our talk I just realized how much she inspires me to do what I know I'm capable of and not let things like self discouragement and circumstamces get me to compromise what I know I can be. She's amazing for this and I'm thankful beyond words.

So today I have another interview in the city at 3:30. We'll see how we go.

And while working on my book a few nights ago I used up the last of the ink in my red pen. Seeing as how I bought the pen specifically for editing my manuscript and have only ever used it for such, I feel as though I'm making progress. So rare is it that you witness the entire lifespan of a pen......

Yes, its the simple things that please me.

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