2003-06-10, 10:42 a.m.,

I've been working pretty devoutly on my book lately and last night something exciting and scary happend. I began the last chapter of my rough draft. I can actually see the end of the book and I've got it all lined up in my head the way I want it to finish out. I've got over 180 some pages and I think with the exception on about 10 or 15 more it's complete. I'm very excited to print out the entire thing and just hold it and look at all those words. I'm such a geek.

last night when I was doing some research on Insulin Overdoses (which was how abby died and I wanted to address it properly in my book.)I found this website that listed every and I do mean every way that a person could comit suicide. It included giving yourself an insulin overdose if you were diabetic, this is how I found the site. It's strangely disturbing to find this site where it categorizes everything by Poisons, and Violent (things like hanging, shooting yourself) in the posins category it gives you a list that is no lie, hundreds of items long that you can but over the counter or if noit over the counter it tells you how to get said items. It also gives you dosage information, the length of time it takes to render you unconscious and how long it takes to then kill you. The site also gives tips on how to sucessfull kill yourself. It suggests doing it on a friday night where you can tell your friends and workmates that you are going away for the weekend. That way no one will call and no one will think its weird if you dont answer the door,or no one sees you all weekend.

It's strange that someone would consult a site like this for information, even stranger that someone found it their civic duty to create the site. Bizarre indeed.

Back to book writing, kiddies!

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