2003-06-12, 10:47 a.m.,

I'm sure I've mentioned earlier that I'm becoming quite homesick, but it's bound to happend when you move to a different country thousand of miles away. Cartainly I'm not homesick enough to pack it all up and go home for good, I love living in OZ, but it just seems like it's been forever since I could just go home ot have dinner with my mom or something simple like that.

I miss getting the train from philadelphia into NYC for the weekend.

A few nights ago we were here in our computer room and lifted the window shade to find an enormous spider web. Enormous. Here in Oz they have these spiders called Huntsman spiders. I'm assured they aren't poisonous, but I swear they are the size of a human hand. No exaggeration folks. And they jump-long distances. Maxie and I were waiting at a stoplight months back when one decided to jump from wherever the hell it was in traffic onto the hood of the car. I nearly died, never seeing a spider so big in my life.

I'm convinced this web belongs to one of those who has found his way into our home because winter is coming and it's warm and dry and cozy inside.


thats what the bastards look like and dear readers, if I stop posting you know its because I've lost an arm to this monster.

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