2003-06-20, 6:16 p.m.,

Seems so long since I posted last. I began my new job. It's fairly

straight forward, nothing too terribly exciting. I spend most of the day

printing up Wine tasting notes and placing orders into a system.

One of the guys I work for has no clue how to use a computer, He's 30

and still spend a half hour hand writing a letter, then come out and

asks me very humbly to type it up for him. When he does manage to type it up himself its so full of typos and misspellings that he gets quite embarrassed and asks that I edit it anyway. I showe dhim how to do a spell checker on his computer yesterday. You would have thought I was showing him how to take over the world. He was so excited. Imagine that? No one has ever sat this man down and said "look what you can do.."

Please note, yes I understand the irony that I myself haven't used a spell checker for this entry, mostly because diaryland doesnt have one and I can't be bothered.

Then there's Sharlene, or as I privately call her GG (stands for geek

girl)she's die hard Christian and even more die hard a sci-fi maniac. He

desk is absolutely covered with memorabilia from star wars, lord of the rings and most of all, the matrix. She loves the matrix and spend hours a day telling me the secret meanings behind all the plots and characters. She unplugs her telephone headset and walks around with the earpiece in calling herself an "agent". She pretended to get upset yesterday when the IT guy wouldn't let her use Trinity as her username for some software program he was installing

for her.

And best of all, she was showing me pictures yesterday of her trip to

India last year, He hair was very nearly blonde. It's jet black now. I made the comment "wow, look how light your hair was" and she responds "yes, that's the normal colour, I just dyed it black for the matrix."

She's a modern day "trekkie" only instead of star trek, its a new

wave folks, they are all in the Matrix??..and they are all geekier than you can imagine.

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