2003-06-24, 9:55 p.m.,

I was just complaining about how I never get to post in here and here I am posting yet again only hours since my last.

Trouble is, I thought I had it all worked out. I though that during my lunchbreak I would write up my post in an email to myself and when I get home do a quick cut and paste and I'd have a quick entry. Except, I've been notified that my entries as of late are full of weird line breaks. Although I'm told they are artistic, I imagine them to be quite troublesoem and irriatating.....


Why can't I just get something I want lately?

And I came up with heaps of things I wanted to add to my book, so now I think I'm going to be less close to sone than I was before. Good thing is though its actually sustantial enough that I feel like I've doen something. Last night I hit the 200 page mark.

None of this is interesting.....I'm wasting space.

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