2003-07-04, 10:36 p.m.,

Friday July 4, 2003 Day 9924. In 76 days I should have a mini party for myself celebrating my 10,000th day, but I'll probably forget all about it until after it passes.

I broke down and told maxie what I ordered her. I couldn't take it, I

got so excited. Trouble is, I ordered the riding crop from this lesbian site

and it said that with your first order you get a "free gift" and it didn't

mention the free gift, so needless to say I'm a bit curious,considering

the content of the rest of the website. Hmmmmm......

My skirt is full of static and keeps clinging to me when I walk.

There's a girl here at work who makes me nervous when she talks to me which is close to never. I met her on my first few days here when she was outside smoking a cigarette. She looks like katelyn in a weird way, she's small with an olive complexion, looks French in a way, has curly dark hair and dresses only in black pantsuits. I think perhaps she might be "family" in that femme "un-girly kinda way. Perhaps she thinks the same of me. I feel like she's always sizing me up, but never speaks to me. I have to admit I'm a bit afraid of her, but in a good way.

Geek Girl has been playing shithouse pop-style R&B crap all day and now

she's left for lunch and kept her radio playing just for me, isn't that

nice of her? I'm so glad her life is not mine.

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