2003-07-22, 7:13 p.m.,

I couldn't believe that it's been nearly a week since I've posted last. Today I had an amzing day. The department I work for is constantly running marketing competitions and contests for things to encourage people to buy more wine. Well one of the prizes we gave away was a trip for 2 people to NYC to go see the US Open, it includes 2 tickets to the tennis game semi finals and Finals, 4 nights accomodations and this swish hotel, airfare, dinner and $1,000 spending money.

Today I got to call the man who won to tell him. He and his wife had been retired and they were so excited, I was so excited for them. He said they never travel, have never won anythingm etc, said they barely had money to pay their bills on their retirement allowance. I felt so good to give him this, I was his new best friend.

It made me feel so amazing that someone who really would appreciate it won it. And the coolest part was that we needed someone who didnt work for the company to pull the entry out of all the ones submitted. So I called Maxie and asked her to come to my work on Friday and pull the winning entry. I feel like we've done something wonderful for two little old people who I'm sure will have an unbelievable trip.

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