2003-07-31, 8:16 p.m.,

I was reading today about a small Buddhist country in the Himalayas called Bhutan. This country is so incredibly remote they have no crime, none. And they never ever have. They have no social problems, it's what sociologists deem a perfect society. People have gone into Bhutan to study it's social structure and figure out what makes it work. There's roughly 750,000 people in the entire country. Then, four years ago, television came to Bhutan.

Now on one of the mountain ledges satellites fill the space and bring in 48 television stations from around the world to the villages of Bhutan.

Over the past four years Bhutan has had crime for the first time ever in history. They have domestic and child abuse, they have alcoholism, they have teen pregnancy and girls who starve themselves and bleach their hair to look more western (so the villagers claim, but I wonder how Asian women can starve themselves thinner to look western when most western women are larger than Asian women. But that's just me.)

Just some food for thought.

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