2003-08-08, 10:51 p.m.,

We watched this movie tonight about the black zodiac and how its like the real zodiac only dark and well....evil....so I got curious to find mine, only the movie changed them a bit. I'm the lost soul or some crap...she's a sexy little picture though. I like her. George Burns said that Happiness was having a large, loving, caring,close-knit family in another city. While that might be very true (as I often think I am lucky to have them at a distance) I must admit I'm so keen to get home and see them this year.

Have I mentioned we booked the tickets??

We leave on December 6th and go from Sydney to San Fran to Philadelphia to Baltimore BWI to London to Singapore to Sydney. Whew....won't we be tired.

There it is folks, the Maxie and Gwen World Tour. You can catch them in these cities near you. After all that we'll be arriving back in Sydney on Jan 16th.

Tomorrow Maxie and I are going to Bachelorette Party, which also happens to be a slumber party. It should be interesting. It's funny cuz it's supposed to be all the single girls and we'll be a couple and be there.

Oh well, just works out that way I guess. I wonder what would have happened if Maxie and I had bachelorette parties before our wedding. Seeing as how we both have the exact same friends. Hmm...wonder if we would've gone out together or had to do 2 separate ones.

There's a diary I read fairly regularly and I discovered that it's being published into a book. Just a collection of her diaryland postings. Thing is, it's entertaining enough to read I suppose, but really its just a regular diaryland diary, nothing more or less interesting than any other regular ones I read. It also has this link on the website to go to Barnes and Noble and pre-order your copy of the book before it's published. I don't get it. Surely if a regular diaryland diary can be published and sold on B&N, something can be done with mine, don't you think? Maybe she has friends in influential places, you know the friends I don't have. The ones who hook you up with snazzy fun dream jobs and get your mediocre diary posts published for a national chain. Hmm..ok, I'm bitter. I admit it.

I'm thinking of publishing my own magazine and I've got heaps to say about it, but I just don't feel like it now, next time, kiddies, next time. Then I'll be the one who gives all my friends the funky jobs.

I was thinking this morning that I has all this stuff I wanted to write about, but I've really lost momentum.

The Lost Soul
The Lost Soul

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