2003-08-14, 10:35 p.m.,

I haven't worked much on my book lately, I think I've really lost the momentum to get it done. I'm a bit disappointed in myself because I really had it in my head to be done with this thing before we left to go overseas.Today however I got an idea for another book and my mind's been distracted trying to think of how I can put it together.

In more exciting news, geek girl has been playing a cd that a friend made for her for the past three days. Just plays it over and over again. It wouldn't it be so painful if this were a compilation of decent music, oh no...this little treat is a collection of Tom Jones and Disney Movie soundtrack song, so I get Aladin's "A Whole New World" Intermingled with Tom Jone's grunting "sex bomb" or "it's unusual to be loved by anyone". I think I'm going crazy.

And...I bought a corset last weekend. I love it. Now just need to find places to wear it.

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