2003-08-17, 4:41 p.m.,

we went to the wedding yesterday and what an event it was!

There's so much story to tell about our day yesterday, but I feel like I'll leave it up to Maxie, since its far more her story than mine. So you all will have to read her diary instead. It's fantastic when I can slack off from writing and pawn it all off on her. Joint diaries, working together to spare redundancy.

Actually, in the event I have readers that don't read her stuff than I'll chat more about it perhaps tomorrow when I feel like writing more about it.

What I wanted to say was that I told my mom we were coming home for christmas. I know I wanted it to be a total surprise, but she's been so depressed lately and going through the beginnings of the big "M" (that's menopause. kiddies.)

I feel bad for her and I felt like I was lying to her each time she'd ask about if we were making plans to come visit. SO I told her we were coming, I I said we weren't sure on the exact dates and I led her to believe that we wouldn't be there until the 23rd of December when we'll actually be there on the 6th. So we'll still surprise her when we arrive.

*Yawn* Gotta go, still sleepy from yesterday's big wedding fiasco....

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