2003-08-22, 7:49 p.m.,

I'm kinda stuck in this rut and doing absolutely nothing beneficial for my mind. I really haven't been reading because I wanted more time to work on the book and working on the book I htink is driving me a bit mad I think. I find myself doing things like spening two hours at work online looking at websites where you can search for obituaries.

I found hers...I can't believe i've never read it. I printed it out and read it over and over and it's worded exactly as her parents would want her remembered. Even tell what church she was a member of. Church? Church? huh?

All I've been doing lately is poosting in here and editing that thick stack of paper bound together to form something that looks much like a manuscript.....

When we go home and make it down to New Orleans I wanna see my ben-wah. I think she'll make me smile.

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