2003-08-25, 10:24 a.m.,

The weekend proved busier than i imagined it would be. We didn't plan anything other than the dinner we went to on Saturday night and somehow the entire weekend just flew by, filled with errands and things to be done.

I've been plagued with these really weird dreams lately. I used to get them all the time and now they've come back. It's these dreams where I meet someone I don't kow and sometime during the dream they tell me that they are dead.They then go on to tell me all these details about themselves and their family. It's happend like 10 times before and I can still remember the names of many of these people. It's a bit freaky and I'd otherwise be inclined to look these people up or write down the names and details because in a way I think they may be real. Maybe I've just got an overly active imagination when it comes to death.

Speaking of death....a long time ago I found this photography book at the library called "Sleeping Beauty" Memorial Photography in America. If you've seen the film "the Others" I can explain it by saying it's a photo book of the dead In victorian times people took photographs of their family members at the moment of their death and put them in family albums. They became a collection of pictures of "sleeping" people. I fell in love withthis photo book and looked it up to buy it. At that time it cost nearly 700 US dollars. It's out of print. Now a second bok has been created and I've decided to buy it while it's still in print and only 70 US dollars. Just for the hell of it, I went online and looked up an out of print book place to see if I could get lucky and find the first one. The first one, now that another has been printed is worth $1100 US dollars (nearly 2 Grand Aussie) I just about choked. No luck in getting that book unless I'm very very lucky and my Karma smiles on me and I find it in soem used bookshop somewhere. Unless of course someone feels kind enough to buy me a very expensive gift. So certainly after I buy the second book it'll become as much of a collector's item as the first once it's gone out of print. This makes me really excited, but I guess you'd have to be a book geek to understand and share my enthusiasm.

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