2003-08-30, 11:21 a.m.,

Went to see Teagan and Sara last night and it made me think of tara so much, I guess because they're vancouver girls and I miss my vancouver girl.

The show was great, excellent venue for a show.

Today I'm off for a swim, I'm getting back into doing the swimming thing...nedd to get some exercise, need to.

Things are a bit weird around me lately, everything just has this vibe to it like something bad is going to happen. I can sense it. Everyone seems sad and kind of pensive, expectant.

So what'll it be fate? What's in store for us?

I've decided once I'm done with the edits on my book I'm going to print up 3 or 4 copies and get them to people who aren't immediately in my everyday word so they can feel free to edit and give me a real critque without feeling like they are insulting me. Thats the troubel with a story based so much in truth. I think when I let friends read it they'll go soft and say "thats' good." rather than going "don't include this part, it doesn't make sense" or "you're better off explaining this more", etc.

So I told thea I'd send one to her and well...anyone else up for a reading? Only condition it you have to be a true ctitic, no fluffy stuff.

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