2003-09-08, 9:30 a.m.,

Went to see Catpower Last night and I have some reservations about the show. It was certainly entertaining I guess. But she was so so so drunk and never finished a song the entire way through. She kept stopping midway claiming she'd changed her mind about playing it or she'd fuck the song up too many times and go "I haven't played this in a long time" obviously she hadn't playing anything in a long time. She's talented and has a fantastic voice and if you wanna stop a song to light and smoke an entire cigarette for 15 mins on stage without performing thats great, glad your comfy, but stopping to belch between songs or stopping and going to the audience "now what do you want me to play?" just seemed like it lacked heart. When she was finished playing she just stopped a song and made some comment about her friend being passed out back stage (one of the few things I could understand between her mumbles) and then she walked off. Everyone sat around waiting, wondering is it over? then she walks back out onstage encore style and everyone cheers and she just walks down into the table area to get a drink and chat with people. I know this because as we were leaving our table which was right next to the stage door and she came through and I turned around almost bumping into her and I kinda grabbed her arm to keep her from walking into us not realize who she was and she smiled all nice as I excused myself for cutting in front of her to get through the crowd and she was all polite and smiles with two hands full of drinks. It was fun, interesting if nothing else, don't get me wronf she's talented, but I'm certain she really knows it.

And we had two cute gay boys at our table. switched numbers with them, might meet up.....might be nice to have guy friends around again.

And I keep getting these survey things...have you ever...

{x} fallen for your best friend? Yes.

{x} made out with JUST a friend? Yes.

{x} been rejected? Yes.

{x} been in love? Yes.

{x} been in lust? yes.

{x} used someone? yes.

{x} been used? yes.

{x} cheated on someone? Yes.

{x} been cheated on? Yes (assuming we were together when it happened).

{x} done something you regret? yes.

who was the last person...

{x} you touched? Melinda unless by touched you mean “Touched” then my Maxie

{x} you talked to? Rob (guy I work with)

{x} you hugged? Maxie

{x} you instant messaged? Tara

{x} you yelled at? Um….can’t remember..does the dog count?

{x} you laughed with? Fred

have you/are you/do you....

{x} considered a life of crime? ha. yes.

{x} considered being a hooker? no

{x} considered being a pimp? no.

{x} are you psycho? Yes, but in a good way

{x} split personalities? most likely.

{x} schizophrenic? no.

{x} obsessive? sometimes.

{x} obsessive compulsive? A little bit

{x} panic? No much

{x} anxiety? sometimes.

{x} depressed? sometimes.

{x} suicidal? no.

{x} obsessed with hate? no.

{x} dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? yes

{x} dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them? no.

{x} understanding: yes.

{x} open-minded: yes.

{x} arrogant: I don’t think I am

{x} insecure: sometimes

{x} interesting: probably not.

{x} hungry: no.

{x} friendly: yes

{x} smart: sometimes.

{x} moody: sometimes.

{x} childish: sometimes.

{x} independent: yes.

{x} hard working: yes.

{x} organized: yes.

{x} healthy: yes.

{x} emotionally stable: not always.

{x} shy: not too .

{x} difficult: sometimes

{x} attractive: maybe to someone.

{x} bored easily: yes.

{x} thirsty: no.

{x} responsible: yes.

{x} sad: sometimes

{x} happy: yes

{x} trusting: depends on who

{x} talkative: yes.

{x} original: probably.

{x} different: yes

{x} unique: probably.

{x} lonely: yes.

{x} color your hair? yes.

{x} have tattoos? yes.

{x} piercings? yes.

{x} have a boyfriend? Nope, girlfriend.

{x} floss daily? A few times a week, not daily.

{x} own a webcam? yes.

{x} ever get off the damn computer? yes.

{x} sprechen sie deutsche? no.

{x} habla espanol? si.

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