2003-09-12, 9:33 a.m.,

Earlier this week we went to this Focus Group thing to watch some tragically shitty tv show pilot and give feedback on basically wether we thought it would do well in Oz.

There was a girl there, who for some odd reason kinda reminded me of Abby. She only really slightly looked like her, I dunno, maybe it was her demeanor, something. Anyway, instead of thinking it I said "she reminds me of Abby" to Maxie, to which she said "Everyone reminds you of her." Kinda threw me off and I didn't kow how to respond to it. It's true in a small way I guess, I do noticed her characteristics in random people from time to time, but I guess I didn't realize how verbal I was about it. But I also don't think I notice her traits any more or less than any of my other friends. There's plenty of times when I see things in people that remind me of Brian or Anie, Tara, etc.... I dunno.

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