2003-09-12, 9:58 p.m.,

I can't believe I'm a posting fiend today, it's just that I saw I was getting so close to 400 ENTRIES!!!!! that I had to do it.

And also I promised I'd do the question thing before the weekend, even though barely anyone wrote any (tsk tsk.) So here goes (from memory)...

Will I let a certain someone teach me to drive?

I know how to drive. I just don't know how to drive stick (or manual for all non-yanks)Stick cars scare me and seem pointless, but yes, if I must learn, I'll let you teach me.

Do I think my girlfriend spends too much money?

I'd go shopping everyday. LOVE retail therapy..I can be such a girl like that. No I think we do just fine. Now go buy yourself something pretty ;)

Where do I feel safest?

When I was a kid I used to crawl into my parents bed after my dad left for work at like 5 in the morning and sleep in for hours long aftermy mom woke. I did it for years until I was eleven or so. Even as a teen I'd take naps in there bed. It's a weird security thing I guess. Even now when I make it home to the US I still love my parents bedroom. So I feel safest there, I guess.

Favouite memory? *Mush Alert* When I first came to Oz and walked down the ramp at the international arrivals airport gate and saw **Her** for the very very first time ever. The went back to her place and....oops....too much.


This might be a secret response because I'm not telling the story. No love, not a mistake.

Am I over the chicken thing?

Hell fucking no!! Damn filthy birds scare the bejezus out of me.

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