2003-10-01, 3:44 p.m.,


{x} current clothes: Black dress pants with thin red and grey pinstripes, black top, chunky Mary Janes

{x} current mood: bored.

{x} current taste: caramel black tea.

{x} current hair: soft and new bright shiney copper

{x} current annoyance: my nose itches.

{x} current smell: office stuff, copy machine

{x} current thing you ought to be doing: work.

{x} current desktop picture: green artsey kinda design

{x} current favorite group: Ms. Ani D

{x} current book: The Bride Stripped Bare

{x} current DVD in player: um…Donnie Darko?

{x} current refreshment: caramel black tea

{x} current worry: none

{x} current crush: my darling Maxie


{x} food: cotton candy

{x} drink: red wine

{x} color: black.

{x} shoes: mary janes

{x} candy: chocolate or red licorice

{x} movie: requiem for a dream.

{x} vegetable: snowpeas

{x} fruit: black cherries/raspberries

on dating....

{x} long or short hair? long

{x} dark or blond hair? I have to say Blond because mine is, but that’s out of the norm for me (she’s special)

{x} tall or short? tall.

{x} mr. sensitive or mr. funny? ms. sensitive.

{x} good girl or bad girl? Bad, but only in ways I know about

{x} dark or light eyes? light

{x} hat or no hat? no hat.

{x} pierced or no? whatever.

{x} freckles or none? whatever

{x} Artsey- sensitive, rugged outdoorsy or sporty type? Artsey-rugged.


{x} chocolate milk or hot chocolate? hot chocolate.

{x} marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend? perfect lover.

{x} sweet or sour? sweet.

{x} sappy/action/comedy/horror?comedy-horror

{x} cats or dogs? dogs.

{x} ocean or pool? ocean.

{x} shine or rain? Shinefor day, rain at night.

{x} winter/summer/fall/spring? summer.

{x} gloves or mittens? gloves

{x} eyes open or closed? closed.

{x} fly or breathe under water? fly.

{x} bunk-bed or waterbed? bunk-bed.

{x} chewing gum or hard candy? gum.

{x} motor boat or sailboat? sailboat.

{x} lights on or off? No preference

{x} chicken or fish? chicken.

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