2003-10-06, 12:18 p.m.,

It's been such a busy busy weekend Friday night we threw a little dinner party. Saturday we met up with a "friend" for dinner and we're both trying so hard not to send this girl packing, but oh dear it's so hard when someone just has no communications skills at all. There was a bit of a tense moment when she asked about my book and how it was going. So I politely said "I finished the last bit of edits and now I've put it away to leave it alone awhile." Which I guess is an acceptable version of the truth.

Last night was the Waifs.....they were so so so so good. Fantastic show. You can always tell the difference between a band who's performing to fill a contract and one that really enjoys it.

Today is an aussie holiday so we slept in (maxie's still sleeping in) and maybe do a bit of travel shopping this afternoon. Who knows......

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