2003-10-07, 2:58 p.m.,

I just can't stress to you dear people enough just how absolutely geeky my co-worker is...and it gets worse everyday. many of you may remember my references to her as GG (Geek Girl.) This weekend she went to see Weird Al Yankovic in concert and bought 3 cds. She's been listening to them ALL FUCKING MORNING!!!

Then (and here's the best part) she gave me a full 20 minute narrative story about how excited she was when he came out and did the Yoda song (the parody of Lola) and the...then..as the encore (and she got really excited here and performed a little bit. He did the song he parodies of American Pie about Star wars, you know the "my my this here Anakin guy, maybe vader sometime later now he's just a small fry"

Oh yes..and then she plays it on repeat....like 6 times..

I know understand why people come in on a random tuesday mornings and shoot their co-workers.

It'd be a blessing really, seems a shame to let the poor thing suffer like that.

Oh yes, and she snuck in her digital camera to take photos, I've seen them all ..twice.

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