2003-10-13, 2:43 p.m.,

I was introduced to a Googleism today...where you go on Google and type in your name and see the headings of what comes up.


Googlism for: gwen

gwen is in trouble

gwen is in cosmo girl

gwen is random

gwen is my girlfriend

gwen is a babe

gwen is sick

gwen is a real estate agent that is known in the community of niagara falls for her dedicated client service

gwen is my girlfriend i've been enjoying this season

gwen is babeilicious

gwen is so sexy fuck britney she sucks i love you gwen

gwen is recognized as an engaging

gwen is recommended by fellow agents for honesty and integrity as an experienced ontario real estate agent professional

gwen is licensed to practice law before the united states tax court

gwen is a superb ultimate player

gwen is designed as an ultra

gwen is also the canadian representative on the american joint standards committee on educational evaluation

gwen is all there is in my world

gwen is the greatest & if i could be like anyone in the world i

gwen is the best person to ever walk the face of the earth my only dream in life is to meet the band

gwen is a very talented artist and has drawn nearly two hundred portraits of southern gospel artists

gwen is an attractive 14 year old african american girl

gwen is a sucker for trousers from shawn clothing

gwen is 44

gwen is also a member of the criminal duty solicitor panel in darlington and wear valley offering free legal advice

gwen is that she makes most of her clothes by her self

gwen is wearing a green

gwen is hosted on keenspace

gwen is" into google

gwen is looking forward to returning to hillside cottage

gwen is een dochter van cherilynn

gwen is nominated

gwen is still complaining

gwen is the port in the storm

gwen is there because she's sleeping with ethan

gwen is an amazing performer with charisma to match like no other person i have ever seen

gwen is the picture perfect ska/rocker chick who i wouldn't "don't speak" to

gwen is a very confident woman

gwen is perturbed when she realizes that the dragon intends to keep her prisoner

gwen is still shacked up with hector

gwen is certainly sexy

gwen is one of the nationšs top high jumpers

gwen is way better

gwen is my favorite

gwen is a widow with three young children

gwen is hot

gwen is an undiscovered gold mine

gwen is most recently featured on the multi platinum track from recording artist shaggy "it wasn't me"

gwen is so oblivious to everything she doesn't even register that she is having blackouts

gwen is in a funk and dying for a drag on a cigarette

gwen is the best

gwen is illegitimate

gwen is forgotten

gwen is very active in amputee golf

gwen is determined not to conform

gwen is sick and trying to rest and heal

gwen is dreaming and in the song she is dreaming about how she wants to be a mom and how she wants to

gwen is going to make one more album and then get pegnet???

gwen is photographed?

gwen is moore has her `master's degree annie

gwen is a graduate of the realtor institute

gwen is nominated as a finalists for the my vh1 music awards

gwen is the featured singer of the week at askmen

gwen is on the cover of vanity fair

gwen is going through huge changes

gwen is a new character introduced in first episode of season four

gwen is gonna be so upset

gwen is a professional partier

gwen is the kind of teacher i was looking for

gwen is yearnin' for a home to call her own

gwen is an elegant and sophisticated performer

gwen is to facilitate interdisciplinary discussions and cooperation among researchers

gwen is shocked and becomes angry

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