2003-10-27, 4:32 p.m.,

In the words of America's 2nd greatest idiot (ranked only below Georgie B, Jr.) Dan Quayle once said:

"Verbosity leads to unclear inarticulate things."

So let me be brief:

I just saw myself in the mirror here at work and wearing my little black tank top covered by my little black matching office sweater and my three quarter length black and white print skirt, spiked black high heals, hair in a bun and my little wire rimmed glasses frame by my ever present red curlie curls framing my face......

I look like a 1940's librarian. The kind from those old movies who once you get a few drink in them, let their hair down and get their gear off...they aren't entirely what you think....nerdsluts. Yup that's the term. And today I look just like one.

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