2003-10-29, 8:59 a.m.,

All weekend long I was determined to put myself into Karma credit. It's all because I'm considering doing something which I know is bad karma, but I want it so sooooo badly and I feel like I have to earm some good karma here to prepay my potential bad deed......

So all day friday I was doing little menial favour for people at work, like when I went to the printer I picked up other people's colour print jobs and delivered them. When I went next door to the mail room I asked if anyone had anything they wanted me to take with me. I made a cup of tea for a co worker. When we went into the city I put all my loose change in my pockets so I'd have it ready for street performers, homeless and Amnesty International. I treated a friend to coffee on Sunday after the museum exhibition.

Then yesterday as I was walking to catch my bus home from work I walked past this little old man who's always in his front garden and smiled, saying hello. He immediately stopped me and asked that i wait for a moment. He took his painfully slow steps approaching me from the other side of the stone fencing and as he shook and carefully eased his way to reach to the ground I waited, thinking about how I was going to miss my bus. Then to my surprise, he comes back up, hand outreached and shaking with a long stem of about 4 garden roses attatched. Warmed my heart right up and his old man grin took up his whole face. I thought of leaving a little thank you note in his mailbox on my way home tonight. But then again he may have a jealous wife who wouldn't look kindly on her husband giving flowers to strange young girls on the street.

I also received 2 things in the mail we've been waiting forever for.....see? Good karma.....

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