2003-11-12, 10:05 a.m.,

The past is never ever ever in the past. Abby used to tell me all the time that no matter how deep you think you've burried it, it'll always resurface in a storm. So always always be ready for it all to come back....

So far I've had three people read the book and admittedly I know it still needs work. I certainly don't need anyone to tell me that because I'll probably never have it exactly as I think it should be, but no one has told me they hate it. But then again they could just all be saying nice things because they know me. Maybe I should get an opinion from someone who knows nothing of me and will never have to talk to me about it.

Geek Girl quit her job which puts me in a very sweet position for getting what I want in terms of coming back and saslary and job responsibilties. Funny thing is that I know I won't stay here long. I'm so keen to get my own business up and running when we get back from our trip. But certainly I can hang in the 9-5 behind a desk and in front of a computer world for a year or so longer while I'm putting everything together.

I'm almost certain I know how I bruised my skull. And I'm a bit afraid that it's going to be the source of my head pains and I'm going to have to start explaining again. Pease let it just be something normal and easily explainable like my sinuses....

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