2003-11-16, 12:45 p.m.,

I'll tell you all a little secret about lesbians, deep down we all want to convert girls to our side....now don't worry, it's not like we're seeking to convert all girls, most of us can respect the straight girl who just doesnt have the interest, but once in awhile we find one who's so close to converting that it's an absolute sin not to give her a bit of a push.

So this girl I used to work with ages ago that was super amazing has left the company and I barely ever talked to her anymore. Quietly I was convinced that once she knew I had a girlfriend she was a bit nervous around me. Anyway, we'd invite her out and each time she'd say no because she rarely ever got to see her boyfriend and they wanted to spend time together. Fair enough.

But now they've broken up and suddenly we can be friends and i've always always sensed she was one of those girls "waiting to be pushed" and we went out on friday night and had such a good time and now, dear kiddies, I'm certain she can be pushed and now it's my new mission......

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