2003-11-19, 3:43 p.m.,

Our department made budget so they sent us all out to see this play called "The Real Thing" it's done by the Sydney Theatre Company and starring Hugo Weaving (agent Smith from the Matrix) so of course GG was in her glory. However the night was so dry, standing around drinking champagne and listening to people I don't even really like talk about the most mundane things in the world and all I wanted was to be home with her.....

A friend asked me to go to the movies with her last night and I had to turn her down. Today I wrote her this email:

"I just want to let you know that you have no idea how badly I wished we were at the movies last night, dear god last night was about as pleasant as a fork in the eye. Bor-ing.

But on the up side, I was given a piece of super hot cinnamon gum from America and now that my tastebuds have burnt off and I'm all tweaked out on coffee from lunch, the world seems a happier place.

Oh and I told Hardys that I'm not coming back after my overseas adventure...this place is a cesspool of personality suffocation hosted by a group of girls with matching designer shoes and handbags.......

How's your day?"

No such thing as cinnamon flavoured anything her in Oz....no big red, cinnaburst, fireballs....nada. But today, today I got a piece. (of gum that is.)

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