2003-11-26, 9:23 a.m.,

I've got a few more mental notes I want to work into the book, but I think I'm going to wait until we come back from the trip to begin working hard core on the book again. I've got fantastic feedback from the people I've let read it, lots of ideas and changes, things to add more detail to and things to take away.

Went to see Freddy vs. Jason last night with a friend of mine who was also raised on bad 80's horror flicks. It was a good laugh actually.

Still no word about my grandmom. My mom told me she sits in her room and talks to people who've been dead for years. I wonder what's keeping her here?

I haven't mentioned our party last weekend. It was fantastic, a nice little escape from all the stress of everything we've got going on before our trip. Lots of drunk girls in a house full of sex toys just chatting and laughing and well...it was a lot of fun, definately entertaining and educational.

I had a weird dream last night that one of my quasi-ex's called me. We kinda dated for awhile, hmm..perhaps I should say that she was a flat mate and we slept together for awhile as there never really was much "dating" involved. Anyway, I had a dream she called me out of the blue (and I haven't talked to her in years) and we just chatted and it was nice. She wasn't psychotic, I was mean to her because she was being psychotic. We were friends. Maybe that's a sign I can safely email her and say hello.. assuming of course I still have an email address for her. Or maybe it's a sign I should pretend that's the nice little closure in our rocky goodbye and my abrupt move across the US to be with someone else. I could just pretend my dream was our nice little closure. Dunno, last time I talked to her she told me all about how she overdosed at a rave and ended up in hospital on mother's day and her mom had to come get her.

On second thought, I think I should just let it go and leave it all be, keep my name out of her conversations and her memories from my mind. No encore for us. I'm just not really a loose ends kind of girl.

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