2003-11-27, 8:56 a.m.,

happy Thanksgiving to me. I can't believe I have to work today. On a holiday!!! and nobody here gets it because, well they aren't American I guess. But it's shitty. And maybe it's because I'm homesick but for some reason I'm taking it a bit to heart, like getting up in the morning on your birthday and making it all the way into your morning without anyone saying "Happy Birthday" Ok I'm honesick I think more so because I know I'm going home in 9 days!!! And all my family is at my parents and having a huge dinner and playing with my nephew and just being, well my family, but really far away.

And no one is in the office this morning for a few hours and that's a very good thing because I have the entire upstairs all to myself. So I can play Bitch and Animal and drink my caramel tea and post in my diary and get paid for it. How's that?

I wasn't going to say anything about this, but now that I'm thinking about it again, I simply can't resist. The girls I hang out with over my lunch break (because as I've mentioned before there is simply nobody normal where I work and they are the only other ladies with the same lunch hour as me. Well yes, yesterday as we were eating lunch she was going through jewelery catalogues and circling differnt rings and bracelets she liked (the cheapest of which being $499.) And when I asked her whaat she was doing she said she was giving her boyfriend suggestions on what to get her for her birthday (which is saturday.) So I asked if he asked her to do it because he's bad at picking out what she likes and she said "no I just thought it would be helpful."

This offends me. And I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bit of an elitist. Especially when it comes to politeness and communication skills and simple things like manners. I just don't get what's so hard about it. Sometimes I just want to send people back to their mother's and ask them to learn manners.

So here's Gwen's short list so far of bad manners.

#1. Gifts are things people give you because they want to. Not because you are owed them. Don't tell people what to give you unless they ask for suggestions.

#2. There's a huge difference. HUGE difference in asking for something and demanding something. i.e.

A. Could you please get that for me?

B. Get that.

HUGE difference.

#3. Don't EVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER make braod general sweeping statements about peoples race, religion, sexuality, etc. i.e. "Those Asian's are the worst driver's." "You know how all Lebanese guys cut their hair that way", "Ramadan makes no sense. Muslims starve themselves all day and then gorge themselves at night, It's so unhealthy."

Now inevitably you're going to piss someone off at some point and I just don't get how people who do this sort of thing get by without people confronting them. And yes all three of these things were statements that were made by another co-worker yesterday at lunch.

I can't wait to leave.....

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