2004-02-22, 10:27 a.m.,

It's bad enough that the end of february into March I'm always always stressed out and high strung. But yesterday..

Yesterday (in the short version of the story, I had my bag stolen. Technically I lost it, but whoever found it hasn't returned it or contacted me therefore I consider it stolen. It was a great catch for them because it had not only my wallet containing 400 in cash we were going to give our friend for the Ani tickets for the show last night including the cash we needed for the taxi last night, etc....and I NEVER carry that much cash on me. NEVER. ALso they got my credit card, bank card, basically everythign in my wallet, my mobile phone, my keys, my sunglasses, everything... Good for them, I really hope they needed it all more than I did. I was so pissed off at myself for putting myself into a situation where it happened, but it's just one of those shitty things I guess.....

Anyway, public place, I'm trying so hard not to freak out because my stress level is already through the roof and I'm shaking and I felt faint and I was trying so hard not to try (too obviously).

At least we got to see ANi last night. That made yesterday just a little bit better. She was amazing (as always) and after the show Maxie walked up to the stage (we were in the 4th row) and the stage crew handed her a set list. She's very excited about that.

But the coolest thing that happened this weekend was that I got a job on friday. An excellent one that pays well and is actually something I want to so, not just settling....

I've got so much going on I could talk about but I'd rather not make this an epic entry....so I'll leave more noise here later.

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